Hydrocodone vs oxycodone

Hydrocodone vs oxycodone has been as topic debate for very many years. These two drugs are prescribed by the doctors for purposes of relieving pain. Both Oxycodone and hydrocodone are narcotic drugs which are commonly prescribed for the relief of pain. The two drugs are similar in terms of their chemical composition. In addition to the relief of pain, they may also be prescribed for the suppression of cough.

Both drugs have the potential of causing some serious side effects when they are abused, taken in excessive dosages or taken for long period of time. Both drugs are habit forming and the patient may develop addiction even if it has taken the hydrocodone vs oxycodone as recommended and advised by the doctor. They also have some severe withdrawal symptoms. If you are addicted to either of these drugs you are advised to avoid the quick withdrawal from the same without seeking the help of an addiction expert.

hydrocodone vs oxycodoneHydrocodone and oxycodone are both available in the generic forms and they are sold at affordable price. There are various strengths of the drugs that are readily available in the market. Both of the drugs have very similar drug interactions and side effects. Their withdrawal symptoms are also very similar. Because of their potential abuse, addiction and some harmful side erects, if improperly used, most governments regulate the use of both hydrocodone and oxycodone.

The following table will give us some proper insight of the hydrocodone vs oxycodone comparison and enable us make some reasonable conclusions.




Hydrocodone is narcotic analgesic drug that is prescribed for the treatment of the mild to moderate pain. It can also be used to treat coughing

In terms potency, oxycodone is 5X more potent as compared to the Hydrocodone. It is thus used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain and severe cough

Hydrocodone is classified in the US Controlled Substances Act as narcotic drug under schedule II

Oxycodone is classified in the US Controlled Substances Act as a potent narcotic drug under schedule II

The medications that contain hydrocodone such as Lorcet, Lortab and Vicodin are classified in the US Controlled Substances Act as narcotic drugs under schedule III. This means that the abuse of hydrocodone is lesser as compared to the oxycodone

The medications that contain Oxycodone are classified in the US Controlled Substances Act as narcotic drugs under schedule II. This means that the abuse of oxycodone is higher as compared to the hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is not as strictly regulated as oxycodone and it can be ‘called in’ by doors at the pharmacies.

Oxycodone is very strictly regulated and it cannot be ‘called in’ by doctors at the pharmacies. You need written doctor’s prescription to purchase it from, US pharmacy.

From the foregoing discussion of hydrocodone vs oxycodone we can conclude that; though hydrocodone and oxycodone have similar properties, uses, side effects, withdrawal symptoms, etc, OXYCODONE IS MUCH MORE POTENT THAN HYDROCODONE. This is the reason why the use of hydrocodone is much more regulated than hydrocodone.

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