Oxycodone 5mg

Oxycodone 5mg is the lowest strength formulation of Oxycodone. The oxycodone is a narcotic analgesic that is mostly prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pains. It is available in various formulations and chemical compositions such as combination medications, extended-release medications and immediate release medications.

There are tablets, solution as well as capsules of the oxycodone 5 mg. These include the Roxicodone (Oxycodone hydrochloride) 5 mg tablets, OxylR (Oxycodone hydrochloride) 5 mg capsules and Roxicodone (Oxycodone hydrochloride) 5 mg/ 5 ml oral solution. The other formulations are 10 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg tablets but our main focus here will be the oxycodone 5mg.

Oxycodone 5mg oral concentrate, oral solution and capsules have not been approved by the FDA. They were incorporated in to the system on the main reason that they existed before the present laws and regulations hand been put in place. There are some other combinations as well as long-acting oxycodone medications that are readily available but they are not available in strengths of 5 mg.

oxycodone 5mgOxycodone as stated above is an opiate type medication that is widely prescribed in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. It can be used alone or it may be combined with acetaminophen 5 mg. Like all the other narcotic pain relievers, in addition to its good effect of alleviating or relieving pain, it also has the potential of causing some unwanted side effects some of which may be severe. The long term use of the medication in the prescribed dosage may in some instances even cause addiction and dependence.

Oxycodone 5mg side effects include the following

Drowsiness: because of its narcotic properties, drowsiness is one of the most common side effects that are reported by the people that are taking the medication. It may be moderate or severe.

Insomnia: this medication may impair the brain coordination and cause serious alterations in the sleep patterns. If after taking this medication you experience insomnia you should consult a health care professional.

Light headedness and dizziness: these side effects may be very severe especially within the first few days of taking the drug. They will however gradually diminish as the patient becomes used to the effects of the medication. Lying down may decrease the intensity and severity of dizziness.

Stomach complaints: the intake of the oxycodone 5mg may cause some serious side effects on the stomach. It may actually cause nausea or vomiting. These side effects may be reduced by taking the medication with some food. The taking of the drug on an empty stomach may worsen the side effects and may actually lead to diarrhea. If taken for long period of time, the patients may experience some serious constipation.

Some patients that take oxycodone 5mg may also experience some fainting, shallow breathing or the inability of waking up. If you experience some serious shortness of breath, that may indicate that you have taken the drug in excessive dosages and it may require some quick medical attention.